Singapore Govt Rewards Residents For Using the Apple Watch via New LumiHealth Program

Singapore Govt Rewards Residents For Using the Apple Watch via New LumiHealth Program

Apple launched its all-new Apple Watch Series 6 on Tuesday, September 15, via a special digital event. Along with the new Watch, the Cupertino-based tech giant also announced a health initiative with the government of Singapore, built around tracking and rewarding user behaviour through the Apple Watch and an iPhone app.

The initiative is called 'LumiHealth' and was designed by Singapore's Health Promotion Board, in conjunction with Apple as part of the country's 'Smart Nation' initiative. It will allow Singapore residents to earn as much as SGD380 (~Rs 20,580) in rewards and vouchers by completing goals set in the LumiHealth app itself, an effort believed to encourage Singaporeans to stay fit. The LumiHealth App is available for pre-order on the Apple App Store already, and the two-year programme will be offered from late October.

The LumiHealth app will allow users "to travel through worlds" with a virtual intergalactic explorer who guides them through tasks that are personalised based on their age, gender, and weight. The users are to reach their goals weekly, which can be met through various activities like walking, swimming, yoga, etc. The LumiHealth app will also remind users to go for health screenings, and participate in wellness challenges that aim to improve sleep habits and mindfulness. Users will be able to earn the rewards worth up to SGD380 over the course of two years, and having an Apple Watch is necessary to take part in the challenge.

Apple launched the sixth generation of its Apple Watch on September 15, along with the affordable Apple Watch SE, and upgraded its two iPad models - the iPad and iPad Air.