Google Pixel 3 And Pixel 4 Users Are Still Complaining About Swollen Batteries

Google Pixel 3 And Pixel 4 Users Are Still Complaining About Swollen Batteries

A number of users who own the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 series of phones are still complaining about the swollen battery issues with their phones. Users are saying that the battery packs in their Pixel phones swell up over time, thereby leading to physical damage on the phone as the rear panel is pushed out and, in some cases, even lifts off partially or completely. Incidentally, the first complaints on the matter had been registered on the Google Pixel Phone Help Community forums as far back as May this year. We had also reported the issue earlier this summer, specifically for Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones that were seeing glass backs peel off because of the swollen battery packs.

Users are not impressed, needless to say. “What's to say?... one more to the pile. Glad I was around to take it off the charger and not catch fire. 7 months in service - let's see how Google responds. Expectations are pretty low. They have a dangerous product they are now well aware of ... and doing very little about,” says METS on the Google support forum. “I was upgrading my Pixel 3 XL today to Android 11, as I pick it up to restart the phone the battery has swollen up and popped up the back of the phone,” writes Scott Wyckoff. “I went through 3 NEW Pixel 3's (Not refurbished) 1 from the google store and the other 2 from verizon and they all had battery swelling issues all within less than a year,” writes CottonSlushii on the Reddit forums.

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Google hasn’t released an official statement yet, but some users are reporting that Google support is issuing replacements for some complaints, in some cases refurbished units. “Yup, got in touch with support via chat, and they've got a refurbished replacement on the way to me now, hopefully it will be here by Tuesday. Really easy to work with, they swapped it out even though the warranty was technically expired,” says a user Dan Brown 1382 on the support forums. “After providing a description of what was occurring and photos of my device from different angles, they approved a replacement even though I was out of warranty. It shipped really fast! I'm hopeful that this problem doesn't occur again. Maybe it was a glitch with the handset batch that we all received?” says another user Jena C.

Not everyone has been as lucky though. “My pixel 3 purchased in November 2018 has alsl developed a battery bulge. I'm waiting for support to approve a replacement,” says Cpixel3. The fact that this issue still continues to be reported on support forums must be a matter of concern for Google, which has the Google Pixel 4A and the Google Pixel 5 series of phones in the coming weeks.