Biryani Is Overrated? Users Share Most Controversial Food Opinions In Twitter Thread

Biryani Is Overrated? Users Share Most Controversial Food Opinions In Twitter Thread
  • There are several opinions contrary to popular ones when it comes to food
  • A Twitter user asked others to share the most controversial ones
  • Take a look at the viral Twitter thread here

When it comes to food, there are few universal statements that everyone seems to agree with. For instance, the everlasting love for tea, the stubborn bias against pineapple pizza, and so on. These are food associations and statements we have heard so often, they almost sound like eternal truths. However, there is also a small section of the population that does not necessarily agree with these opinions. Although this may sound surprising, certain popular dishes are not everyone's cup of tea. For example, putting ketchup on pizza is a debate which food enthusiasts often engage in. A Twitter user prompted people to share more such controversial food opinions that they truly believe. Take a look:

The tweet went viral, raking in 1.7k retweets and several hundred likes since the time it was shared. The user started the thread by expressing fondness for Dhaniya or coriander, which she called 'The Best Herb Ever'. Users too started sharing their responses in the viral Twitter thread, starting a unique discussion which made for an interesting read for foodies online. Several users wrote some controversial statements which gave us a whole new perspective about several popular foods.


Take a look at some of the responses:

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While several users argued how Karela and Pineapple pizza can actually be delicious, others confessed that they found dishes like Biryani and Momos overrated. What side of the food war do you most resonate with? Tell us in the comments below!