Watch: Indore's Unique Fire Dosa Is A Street-Style Delight We Want To Try

Watch: Indore's Unique Fire Dosa Is A Street-Style Delight We Want To Try

Dosa is one dish which has transformed like no other dish would have. The traditional South Indian recipe has seen countless versions of it being made all across the country. From Schezwan Dosa to Cheese Chilli Dosa, we have seen video of many interesting and unique Dosas being created by chefs. The Dosa's versatility also lends itself to innumerable variations which surprise foodies. And a recent viral video by an Instagram food blogger is no different. An Indore restaurant has created a unique 'Fire Dosa' which has taken social media by storm. Take a look:

The video was shared by popular food blogger 'Foodie Incarnate'. It has received over 620k views since the time it was posted. The unique Fire Dosa at Indore's Dosa Craft was priced at Rs. 180/- and its entire preparation was captured in the video. What was interesting about the special dosa from Indore was the way it was cooked - with huge flames encompassing it from all sides.

First, the Tawa was heated on high flame and the Dosa batter was spread on it. The Corn-Cheese Dosa had an assortment of spices, vegetables, cheese and sauces put inside it. The Masala was prepared and spread on the Dosa, after which the Fire Dosa was cut into sections. Now, the Dosa was cooked on high flame with the help of a table fan, which gave the whole dish a dramatic effect in terms of visuals. The Dosa was garnished with grated cheese and served as Rolls.

How interesting and different, right? We'd definitely love to try this Fire Dosa once in Indore. What did you think of the unique Dosa preparation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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