How To Kill Sexual Boredom While In Quarantine

How To Kill Sexual Boredom While In Quarantine
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Sexual boredom can be a clear danger in any relationship. Let’s face it, if the quality of sex deteriorates over the years, it’s a bad sign, by all yardsticks. From time to time, experts and tomes of scientific research have warned us against the devastating impact of sexual boredom on long-term relationships. 

Co-quarantining can further complicate matters, forcing couples to contend with a wavering sexual interest, among other pressing concerns. So, how do you fight this? Read on.


Know Your State Of Mind

Quarantine or no quarantine, have you been feeling anxious for some reason over the past few months? Are you worried about a particular aspect of your life, and you haven’t disclosed this to your partner? The same holds for your partner - has he/she been under pressure of late for some reason or the other? Experts say that while investigating the roots of sexual boredom, one needs to understand the fact that feeling burdened or worried or anxious, consciously or unconsciously, can kill sexual desire. Is this the case with you? Find out.

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Mismatched Sex Drives

Sexual desire discrepancy can also be a contributing factor to dissatisfying sex life. A 2015 study carried out by researchers at Canada's University of Waterloo found that in 59 per cent of the heterosexual relationships they surveyed, it was the man who asked for more sex than the woman. So, the study implies that women could be sabotaging their sex life if they don't handle the mismatched libido issue - in other words, when their partners are desiring more sex and they are experiencing a waning interest. Most couples experience such a libido mismatch at some point in their relationship, according to experts. So, this is the right time to give each other honest feedback about any such disparity.


Exploring Options

Fulfilling sexual fantasies? Being adventurous? Thinking out of the box? You and your partner may feel that you have done it all and there’s nothing more to explore in terms of sexual adventures. First of all, shake this idea off - rest assured, there will always be unexplored territories to conquer. Have a heart-to-heart - maybe there are some innermost fantasies you haven’t discussed with each other yet. Maybe, for instance,  you feel inhibited or ashamed of talking about having threesomes or even about the idea of an open relationship with your partner. Try discussing these now.

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Undying Romance

Make dinner dates once or twice a week - just the two of you. That may sound corny but try it. Dress up for the occasion. Play your favourite music. Bring out the vintage wine bottle. Create an ambience with perfumed candles. Rustle up a sumptuous meal for two. Discuss sweet nothings. Revisit your courtship days and make a conscious effort to keep thorny issues at bay. Romance never fails to surprise.