How To Get Over Sexual Performance Anxiety?

How To Get Over Sexual Performance Anxiety?

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Performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction, often related and linked together, are quite the common issues couples face when it comes to their sexual health.  The expectation to perform well and to satisfy the partner is huge and it takes a toll on the person. This self-imposed stress can then lead to performance anxiety which in turn can be a cause for erectile dysfunction. The cycle will continue to exist. The pressures are high and many a time, relationships make or break on factors like these, but there’s nothing that you can’t do about it. Most of the times, it is the pressure you put yourself through that puts you in a spot. Take it easy. Although it is always ideal and advised to consult a specialist if it prevails for much longer, here are a few things you can do by yourself that help.Take It Easy
Stress is a major stressor in not just performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction but in many other health conditions too. While it is easier said than done, it is extremely important to draw the line. Overthinking, overanalysing and stressing on the fact that you won’t be able to meet up the expectations of your partner can put you in an unnecessary spot. The first step is to be easy on yourself. The moment you find yourself wondering and stressing about how you could have done better, you are on an overdrive. Take a 10-second break and the chain of thoughts then and there. 

Not every day is a Sunday. While there are good days, there are also bad days even when it comes to your romantic and sexual lives. The need to be perfect every time is an undaunted precedent many set for themselves. Don't. Instead, have a little chat with your partners every now and then. Understand and analyse what goes wrong, what you don't like, what your partner doesn't, what works and what doesn't. This analysis will help you work towards eliminating the issues. The key here is to be open and not be sorry. Self-pity can ruin the situation and embarrassment, more so. Cultivate that comfort level and it only comes with open and no-judgment communication.

Indulge In Regular Exercise

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Along with your physical fitness regime, dedicate some time for your mental health too. Guided meditations, yoga, mindfulness, and sex therapy. You can also opt for couple counselling to get your partner also on the same page. Half the problems are solved when you openly express your feelings to each other. And if there is a professional to help you pinpoint or analyse where you can do better, it will only be a bonus. This will help alleviate your anxiety and stress. Even after lifestyle changes and relaxation techniques if you are still facing these issues, then it's time for you to visit a doctor.

Dedicate More Time To Foreplay

Instead of directly engaging in intercourse, trying dedicating more time to foreplay. Kissing, cuddling, or even simple touching, release oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine – the happy hormones – are responsible for the surge of positive emotions that will work in your favour. 

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