2 Boys Find Over Rs 900 Crore Credited Into Their Bank Accounts In Bihar

2 Boys Find Over Rs 900 Crore Credited Into Their Bank Accounts In Bihar

The bank in Bihar's Katihar has said it was due to a system glitch


Residents of a village in Bihar's Katihar rushed to ATMs and banks to check their account statement. The reason? Two schoolchildren suddenly found their accounts laden with crores of rupees overnight, and the villagers hoping for a similar luck made a dash to the banks.

The two boys have accounts in Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank. They were expecting to get some money under a government scheme to buy school uniform and pay for related expenses.

Along with their parents, they went to a public internet centre at the village to check whether the money had come. On checking their statement, they were shocked to find crores of rupees credited into their accounts.

Class 6 student Ashish found himself rich by over Rs 6.2 crore. Another schoolboy, Guru Charan Vishwas, was surprised to see over Rs 900 crore sitting in his account.

The village head has confirmed the matter. Local reports say the bank is investigating the transactions.

"I received information last evening that a huge sum has been found in the bank accounts of two boys. We are investigating it. We opened the bank branch early this morning to check how it happened. The branch manager told us there was some glitch in the computerised system of sending money. The amount was visible in their statements but the actual money wasn't in their account. I have sought a report from the bank," Katihar District Magistrate Udayan Mishra said.

This is the second incident of a huge wrong amount being sent to a bank customer or made to reflect in the statement in Bihar in recent times.

A man in a village on Patna's outskirts was sent to jail for not returning over Rs 5 lakh that was credited into his account by mistake. The man had refused to return the money to the bank, claiming the amount was government relief sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.