Man Eats Chicken Wings While Restaurant Gets Robbed; Watch Viral Video

Man Eats Chicken Wings While Restaurant Gets Robbed; Watch Viral Video

Imagine you're at your favourite restaurant, digging into a freshly prepared meal. Every bite is ultimate bliss and you couldn't be enjoying yourself more. What would your reaction be if an armed robber enters and asks you to hand over your expensive belongings? In a recent viral video, a man was seen exhibiting calmness during extreme adversity. While the restaurant he ate at was robbed, he continued to finish his bucket of chicken wings. Don't believe us? Take a look at the viral video here:

Shared on YouTube by the channel 'Real Violence For Knowledge 2', the viral video has already received 235k views and counting. In the 1 minute, 11 seconds clip, we see the robber entering the restaurant wearing a helmet and carrying a weapon. Commotion ensues and some hostages manage to escape the ordeal, however, the others are caught in the action. Slowly, he makes his way through the restaurant, asking customers to hand over their personal belongings and expensive possessions. However, this one guy continues to stay calm and simply continues eating chicken wings irrespective of the ongoing action in his background.

The epic viral video struck a chord with thousands of YouTube users, who left their thoughts in the comments section. "'This could be my last chicken wing' could've crossed his mind," wrote one user while another asked, "What did people expect him to do? Throw it away?" Several others also commented on the quality of the chicken wings, "The food there must taste awesome, like ambrosia!"

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