When Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were hottest places on Earth

When Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were hottest places on Earth

Kuwait recorded the hottest day in the world so far this year on June 8, with the maximum temperature hitting 52.2 degrees Celsius in the shadows and 63 degrees Celsius under direct sunlight, reported Gulf News. The same day, Saudi Arabia recorded a maximum temperature of 55 degrees Celsius in Al Majmaah at noon.

As Kuwait reels under a severe heat wave, a man reportedly died Wednesday due to heatstroke. The Kuwaiti man was already dead by the time the police and ambulance reached him. The cause of the death was overexposure to the sun, reported Al-Rai daily.

Heatwave conditions are likely to continue in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which officially starts from June 21. According to Arabia Weather website, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE have also been struck by the unrelenting heat along with a high humidity rate. Iraq recorded 55.6 degrees Celsius in the southern province of Maysan on June 7, highest this year.

Summer in Kuwait has largely been unpredictable and the meteorologists have predicted that the maximum temperature could reach 68 degrees in July.

India warned of severe heat in northern and central areas on Monday, following similar extreme weather on Sunday. Of the 15 hottest places in the world in the past 24 hours, eight were in India with the others in neighbouring Pakistan, according to weather monitoring website El Dorado. Churu, a city in the west of the northern state of Rajasthan, recorded the country’s highest temperature of 48.9 Celsius (120 Fahrenheit) on Monday, according to the Meteorological Department.