UK Mother Urges Thief to Return Dead Daughter's Lock of Hair

UK Mother Urges Thief to Return Dead Daughter's Lock of Hair
London: A mother in the UK has urged a thief to return a stolen lock of hair which she said was all she had left of her dead two-year-old daughter.

Kirsty Baldwin's daughter Ellie Louise died six years ago of bronchial pneumonia and she had kept the hair in her handbag, which was stolen at a motorway service station in Greater Manchester, the BBC reported.

The bag was taken from her car by the thief in front of her and the robbery had "devastated" the family.

Baldwin, 35, from the Newcastle area, was robbed Wednesday by what she described as an "unkempt" man.

She said he opened the passenger door before she could lock it and grabbed the handbag.

The bag contained a tablet computer, a large amount of Euros in cash, a purse containing the lock of her daughter's blonde hair laminated on a card, the BBC reported.

Baldwin said the lock of hair was "all we had left of her".

She added: "Please, if anyone finds the lock shown in the picture, please do the right thing and hand it in to your nearest police station. Thank you."

A police official of Greater Manchester Police said, "Robbery in any circumstance is particularly distressing but Kirsty and her family have been left devastated.

"The hair is such a precious item that cannot ever be replaced and she's desperate it's returned to her."