Boris Johnson launches leadership bid while lawmakers warn on 'no deal' Brexit

Boris Johnson launches leadership bid while lawmakers warn on 'no deal' Brexit

Since Theresa May stepped down as the UK Prime Minister after failing to deliver a favourable Brexit deal, the race to deliver a new deal has gotten tougher. The Conservative Party is looking for a replacement as PM and prominent among the list of contenders to succeed her is former foreign secretary Boris Johnson.

The Brexit deal has been delayed twice, during May’s tenure the most recent deadline being October 31. The failure to deliver the deal through this time could mean that there might be a no-deal exit from the European Union.

No-deal Brexit

Johnson has said that he will deliver on the result with or without a Brussels deal. He was quoted as saying by AFP ahead of his official campaign launch. He said, “After three years and two missed deadlines, we must leave the EU on October 31.” He added that ‘it is astonishing to think that anyone could suggest dispensing with that vital tool in the negotiation’.

There are fears that severing ties overnight with the European Union, Britain’s biggest trading partner, would bring huge economic disruption.

There is a chance that in a repeat of last year, the MPs could try to take control of the Commons timetable on June 25, allowing them to introduce a law that might stop “no deal”.

Win for Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn

The ruling Conservatives fear that a loss in the next election could bring leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party in power.

Though Corbyn has been vocal in his support to the ‘remain’ camp he has promised to work for both the ‘Leavers and Remainers’ and has also demanded either a general election or a second referendum to resolve the impasse, according to a report by Financial Times.

Johnson attacked Corbyn’s stand calling it a ‘real threat’ to our way of life. He added, “Delay means defeat, delay means ruin.” He also claimed that Corbyn is determined to hike taxes and attack wealth creation.