Youtube VS ThikTok II Nazarbattu

Youtube VS ThikTok  II Nazarbattu
The fire of very famous Tiktok vs Youtube war has reached Leelu's family as well. For the first time family is divided between their opinion on which is a better Youtube or Tiktok. Bakhtawar seems to be in love with making tiktok and he has also indulge Raseelu into his cheap thrills. When Leelu came to know about all this nonsense being practised in his own home, he stood up against it and taught bakhtawar a real lesson. So guys watch the video and enjoy. Project Head - Harsh Gautam, Ameen Khan Edited by – Hash Gautam Written by – Dinesh Singh DOP – Priyanshu Vats Thumbnail- Vishal Rana [ Phoneix ] Follow us on Insta