Full E-book Bullied, Not Broken: When the Bullies Don't Win For Kindle

Full E-book Bullied, Not Broken: When the Bullies Don't Win  For Kindle
Nate Neustadt wants every kid who's ever been bullied to know that they're not alone, and that the experience will make them stronger, kinder, braver and better.Nate wanted to do something different for his bar mitzvah project. He decided to write a book for kids like him who are victims of bullying to rise above the pain, love who they are and never let the bullies win. Bullied Not Broken: When the Bullies Don't Win will inspire kids of all ages with the stories of famous entertainers, politicians, artists and business icons who were bullied, all that they learned, and how it influenced the rest of their lives. Nate also shares his deeply personal story of bullying that started in grade school, how he dealt with it and ultimately triumphed. At the core of Nate's idea for this book was a fundraising effort to support an organization devoted to helping young adults thrive. After doing a lot of research, he chose Born This Way Foundation, founded in 2012 by Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta. It builds action-oriented programs and useful resources for youth to thrive and drive change in their communities, and works with leading researchers and youth themselves to improve understanding of the factors that affect their wellness and empowerment. About The AuthorNate Neustadt is a middle school student who loves acting, singing, tennis, reading, cooking, travel, video games and following international club soccer. He's a member of ImpACT on Stage, an improv group that sparks discussions about bullying, inclusion, diversity and violence in schools. He lives with his parents Romi and John, younger sister Bebe, and labradoodle Sadie in San Diego. This is his first book. For Free