Zebronics Rocket review: Sharp audio, wide features

Zebronics Rocket review: Sharp audio, wide features

Zebronics is a company that has been written very little about, maybe because of its southern origins. But here is a company that creates good value for money audio devices for the Indian market, keeping the needs f the local customer in mind. And my experience has been that they do get the audio profile right, whatever be the price point they are playing in.

Zebronics Rocket

The Chennai brand’s latest, the Zebronics Rocket, is a speaker with a barrel design and a flexible handle. So it is clear that the idea is to make the speaker portable. It has a jet engine like the design on the two ends, maybe that lends to the name. There are legs not just on the barrel side, but also on one of the ends. On the other end are the controls, which includes a button for equaliser and one for changing modes.

If there is something missing, it is a power button. I fumbled with the devices for a few minutes before I found the power button hidden inside a flap, which I thought held only the ports. This was a bit weird. Inside the flap, you have a micro-USB port for charging, a full USB port for plugging in a pen drive as well as an AUX in.

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The Zebronics Rocket has a rubberised finish though it is plastic. Also, the ports are protected by flaps. So you can expect a certain level of water resistance, though this is not a feature the company is touting on the box.

There is no display on the device, so when you are changing the modes or using the Equaliser you are pretty much blind. With equaliser, you have depended on your ear to figure out if the profile has changed and thankfully there is a significant change when you tap the button. There is also an FM radio mode which you get to using the mode button and then use the skip buttons to tune.

The audio profile of the Zebronics Rocket is clear and sharp. The fact that this one does not pump up the bass so much really interested me. This makes the speaker ideal for listening to vocal heavy numbers like my Carnatic music playlist. It does decently well with complex compositions like you would find in most of the Bollywood numbers. However, at top volume, there is a bit of shrillness that sets in, so better not to amp up the level too much.

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The Bluetooth connection of the Rocket seems to have some issues and I had a couple of occasions during the review when it went offline. And I am not sure what triggered it.

Given the Rs 2159 price point of the Zebronics Rocket (it is available for less on Amazon and Flipkart), it is a good device with decent audio quality. Also, it has enough features to become the audio hub of your home, one that can travel with you if needed. There are other devices with the same features, but they are likely to cost you more.