SPPU alumnus develops turmeric extract into water-soluble juice

SPPU alumnus develops turmeric extract into water-soluble juice

Former SPPU chemistry graduate and Cambridge-educated nano-biotechnologist, Dr Vijay Kanuru, has developed the otherwise non-soluble turmeric extract into a water soluble juice using nanotechnology. The development has enriched the medicinal value of turmeric and made it easy to have it like a daily dose.

“The way one brushes teeth every day, consuming a tablespoon of this turmeric juice, named ‘Haras Turmeric Juice’ in the morning helps clear inflammation, caused by pollution, from the body,” said Kanuru.

He added: ‘‘Many people experience respiratory disorders, inflammation, fatigue and stress due to prolonged inhalation of polluted air. The invisible PM 2.5 ultrafine black particulate matter (30 times smaller than the diameter of a strand of hair) is the most hazardous pollutant present in the air that enters the lungs and gradually infiltrates blood. It causes inflammatory response, which has an adverse impact on arteries, liver and other vital organs by clogging them and impacting body metabolism. Also, air pollution is one of the root causes of rising incidence of cancers.’’

Pune’s air pollution levels are high due to rise of vehicular traffic, industrial emissions and construction activity. ‘‘Shocking levels of pollution have been recorded at busy junctions like Shivajinagar and Katraj, with the levels above 100-150 µg/m³, which is way above the WHO standard of 10 µg/ m³ over 24 hours. Turmeric juice can help in preventing some of these problems as it works as a daily detox for the body, resulting in internal cleansing, better immunity and healthy skin,’’ he said.

Talking about the idea behind the research, Kanuru said: “The medicinal benefits of turmeric are not readily available with the regular kitchen-grade turmeric powder as it hardly contains its principle active curcumin and moreover, is not absorbed by the body due to poor cellular absorption. However, nanotechnology enables to get the benefits of turmeric powder by consuming a table spoon of water soluble ‘Haras Turmeric Juice’ as it is made up of curcumin in a palatable juice form.”