Soon, you will be able to buy Android apps using Google Pay

Soon, you will be able to buy Android apps using Google Pay

Android phone users in India should soon be able to buy apps and games using Google Pay. Caesar Sengupta, General Manager, Payments and Vice President, Next Billion Users told that Google has already started rolling out Google Pay API for integration on Google Pay.

“You can pay obviously with Google Pay. But you can also pay with any UPI app for apps or any in-app content on Google Pay,” Sengupta said, adding: “It’s very early. So we’re just starting to go.” Sengupta, who was in New Delhi for the Google for India event said developers are very excited by this. “We think this will enable developers to create very new kinds of in unique businesses.”

Sengupta underlined how Android has enabled unicorns, especially in India, because of its open system, which creates a lot of economic value and innovation. “So we think this will enable them to paint even more.”

At the annual Google for India event, the search giant announced a bunch of new features and products including the addition of Spot Code and jobs on Google Pay as well as Google Assistant on phone call with food delivery support, app actions and interpreter mode in Hindi.