Slack resets passwords of thousands of its users due to data breach

Slack resets passwords of thousands of its users due to data breach

Slack back in March of 2015 faced a security breach, now some new information has come to light due to which the company is resetting the passwords of some of its users. The company states that any users who created an account before March 2015, who have not changed their passwords since and users who do not use the single-sign-on option can expect their passwords to be reset.

The company has said approximately one per cent of its users have been affected and will have their passwords changed. According to a report by ZDNet, the number of affected users is around 65,000.

User account passwords have now been reset and affected users can go to Slack’s website click on forgot password and reset the password to what they like. All affected users will be intimated by Slack via e-mail, which will also consist of the new password that the company has provided.

Slack stated that this decision was taken after it learned that a number of email addresses and their passwords were compromised due to the hack it suffered back in 2015. Back then hackers were able to insert keylogging code into the company’s software, which sent them the user IDs and passwords as the users entered them.

If you have been affected you should immediately change your password and activate two-factor authentication.

The company is also allowing users to download a complete log of their account as a CSV file from its website.