Slack Data Breach: Company Resets Thousands of Password Following 2015 Hack

Slack Data Breach: Company Resets Thousands of Password Following 2015 Hack

Following the March 2015 Slack password breach, where hackers gained access to some Slack infrastructure, including databases storing user credentials, the American cloud-based software company has decided to mass reset the passwords. As informed by the company, tens of thousands of Slack users will have to change their passwords to safeguard themselves after the 2015 data breach.

While the data breach took place back in 2015, the company said it became aware of the incident recently. The unknown hackers managed to steal database, containing profile related information of Slack users including usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords.

In an official notification published by Slack, it said that the software company will be resetting passwords for approximately 1 percent of Slack accounts, of the users who created your account before March 2015 who have not changed your password since and does not require logging in account via a single-sign-on (SSO) provider. However, the announcement does not apply on the other approximately 99% users who joined Slack after March 2015 or have already changed their password since then.

However, in a report published by ZDNet, Slack is preparing to reset passwords for roughly 65,000 users. Talking about the 2015 data breach, Slack said it had “no reason to believe that any of these accounts were compromised” and that it was taking this step as a precaution. The company also said that it will also add support for two-factor authentication for all accounts.