Saregama launches carvaan 2 0 carvaan 2 0 gold with wifi connectivity starting from rs 7990

Saregama launches carvaan 2 0 carvaan 2 0 gold with wifi connectivity starting from rs 7990

Saregama has launched a successor to their famous Saregama Carvaan speaker by launching the Saregama Carvaan 2.0 at a price of Rs 7,990 in India. The new Carvaan 2.0 comes with added support for Podcasts in addition to 5,000 retro songs. Just like the original Saregama Carvaan, the Carvaan 2.0 has options for Artistes, Specials and Geetmala and in addition to this, there is a fourth category named “Wifi”.

Saregama Carvaan 2.0 comes with access to 15,000 additional songs and a host audio stations through WiFi. Users can connect their Carvaan 2.0 to their Wifi network using the Saregama Carvaan app and access over 150 audio stations, which play podcasts which are curated by the company. The audio stations cover genres such as devotional, entertainment, music, health and wellness, kids, sports, news and lifestyle. In a statement, the company said that it believes the stations will increase to 1,000 in the coming few months.

The Saregama Carvaan 2.0 speaker comes with a rechargeable battery which can last up to 5-6 hours on a single charge. It is available in two colour options, which includes Classic Black and Emerald Green. Apart from Carvaan 2.0, the company has also launched the Saregama Carvaan 2.0 Gold at a price of Rs 15,990.

The Carvaan 2.0 Gold supports all the features available with Carvaan 2.0 but along with this, the device comes with Harman Kardon-certified speakers. The Carvaan 2.0 Gold will also come in two colour options – Champagne Gold and Rose Gold. Both Carvaan 2.0 and the Carvaan 2.0 Gold are listed for sale on the company’s website

To recall, Saregama had launched the Saregama Carvaan Go, a pocket-sized portable speaker at a price of Rs 3,990 a couple of months ago. The speaker which weighs just 88 grams comes pre-loaded with 3,000 evergreen songs.