Samsung Galaxy Fold Returning to Markets Within a Month

Samsung Galaxy Fold Returning to Markets Within a Month
The Galaxy Fold was delayed indefinitely earlier this month after early review units turned out to have faulty displays. While it was assumed that Samsung would axe the device, fresh reports now confirm that the folding smartphone is going to go on sale within a month.

According to a Korean news site, the Galaxy Fold is being tested on mobile field networks and the company is planning to re-introduce the device later this month with sales beginning in June.

The news source says that Samsung has solved issues surrounding the Galaxy Fold including the screen shield and influx of foreign substances in the hinge after certain reviews flagged the issue. The early batch of units didn’t have the screen shield attached to the end of the bezel thus one could pull it out with a nail or any sharp object. Samsung has apparently put the end of the protective shield into the body so it cannot be removed by the user.

The hinge area has also been minimized, as the upper and lower portions of the hinge on the earlier units were not blocked by the frame resulting in minute gaps. Foreign substances like dirt and lint would potentially enter the gap, leading to a possibility of the display being impacted.

It seems that Samsung has taken suggestions from iFixit which did an early teardown of the device. While the issues are claimed to be solved, it remains to be seen if the device will actually manage to withstand day-to-day wear and tear over a long period of time. The Galaxy Fold was announced with a price tag of $1980 which is almost Rs 1,42,000. The company hasn’t officially announced the device for the Indian market, but company CEO DJ Koh had confirmed that it will definitely be introduced in the country.