Samsung Galaxy Fold reportedly passes final tests, relaunch soon?

Samsung Galaxy Fold reportedly passes final tests, relaunch soon?

It appears that Samsung is finally ready to relaunch the Galaxy Fold in the market. According to a report from Android Community, the South Korean major has completed testing of the much improved Galaxy Fold after it received feedback from industry experts and professionals. The report claims that the folding phone has cleared a series of tests with “Flying Colours”, which is an indication that the relaunch could happen anytime soon.

The $2000 Galaxy Fold was launched alongside the Galaxy S10 in February and was expected to ship in April. Just a few days before the phone’s release, early reviewers reported screens on the Galaxy Fold flickering, freezing and dying. This caused Samsung to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold until it figured out a way to fix the issues the reviewers experienced.

Back in June, Samsung claimed that the most problems with the Galaxy Fold were fixed, but not completely. Later, a Bloomberg report claimed that Samsung was in the final stages of producing a commercial version of the Galaxy Fold but was yet to finalise the launch date.

At the time of writing, Samsung has not yet indicated when it plans to relaunch the updated version of Galaxy Fold. Last week, there was a report that did indicate that the relaunch could happen soon when a photo revealed the updated Galaxy Fold in the hands of someone testing out the redesigned handset. The person was apparently in New Delhi metro when he was snapped using the foldable phone.

Samsung admits that how it messed up with the release of the Galaxy Fold. Earlier this month, the company’s mobile division head DJ Koh reportedly said that how the device ended up becoming an almost failed project. “It was embarrassing. I pushed it through before it was ready,” he said at a recent meeting with journalists as per The Independent.