Samsung Galaxy Fold Relaunch Possible Soon as Folding Phone Passes Final Round of Tests

Samsung Galaxy Fold Relaunch Possible Soon as Folding Phone Passes Final Round of Tests

After a long delay, August might be a happy month for all Samsung lovers as the tech giant may be preparing the re-launch of Galaxy Fold, along with the launch of its Galaxy Note 10.

With the launch of Galaxy Fold, Samsung will be making a debut in the market of foldable phones. While the initial launch, scheduled on April 26 in the United States, was delayed due to issues with the phone’s flexible display and hinge design, the revised phones will be hitting the markets after much improvement.

However, after the needed update, the smartphone-tablet-hybrid is “ready for launch,” as reported by Korean news outlet The Elec on Wednesday, quoting an anonymous industry source. The source also revealed that Samsung is determined to beat Huawei’s Mate X to market, which CNBC reported would be released in September.

While Samsung has not confirmed any possible dates for the relaunch, it is expected that the Korean mobile company may set the launch date in late July or August to beat its competitor to the punch. The company may come up with an announcement about the Galaxy Fold on August 7 during the Galaxy Note 10 event.

According to the reports, Samsung has tweaked the design of the hinge and screen of the Galaxy fold to make sure it does not face the same issues again that it faced in April. Samsung also confirmed recently that the Galaxy Fold will not be manufactured in India, but will be hitting the Indian markets for sale.

Talking about the phone’s features, the Galaxy Fold features a 7.3-inch primary flexible AMOLED display and a secondary 4.6-inch screen on the outside of the phone. It is powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset equipped with a 5G modem.