PUBG Mobile 0.15.0: Desert Eagle, Ledge Grab, UI Changes, Payload Mode Still Missing

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0: Desert Eagle, Ledge Grab, UI Changes, Payload Mode Still Missing

PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 started rolling out to all users yesterday. The new update brings a bunch of new changes to the game with the most prominent ones being the addition of the new Desert Eagle pistol, ledge grab ability, exploding gas cans, some UI refresh and so on. The highly anticipated Payload Mode has also been added but is not live as of yet.

Let’s check out some of the new changes:

User Interface Changes

PUBG Mobile has been going through a user interface overhaul and the new update is expanding the new elements including animations to different sections of the menus and lists. You will notice new animations when you are scrolling through different sections in the lobby. Notably, once you have updated to version 0.15.0, you will be asked to download the maps, game resources and a new ultra HD sound pack as well.

Desert Eagle

The new powerful Deagle or Desert Eagle pistol is now available. It has the highest damage and bullet speed compared to all the pistols and will be available on all maps. The Desert Eagle deals with 62 damage, can be equipped with red dot sights, holographic sights, various magazines and laser sights. It uses .45 caliber bullets and can be loaded with 7 rounds by default and increased capacity of 10 rounds after the expansion of the magazine.

Ledge Grab

This is quite an interesting feature as it lets you jump and grab onto ledges and walls. WIth the addition of this, players can now reach certain places which until now were impossible to reach. Make sure you don’t camp like noob though!

Exploding Gas Cans

Exploding gas cans is another addition to the game. If you shoot or use a throwable like a grenade or molotov, these red gas cans are going to blow up and damaging players around them. You can strategically use these to hunt down enemies, especially on bridges.

Other Features

There are a bunch of small changes and additions that have been added to the game. For instance, the UMP is now called UMP45 and now takes .45mm ammo instead of 9mm. Similarly, the vector now takes 9mm ammo instead of .45mm. Initial recoil on the M16A4 has been reduced to improve accuracy and stability. There is now a grenade skin option, ability to spray graffiti (good old Counter-Strike days), new rewards and missions and a lot more. The biggest disappointment has been the missing Payload Mode which is expected to go live in the coming days. Payload Mode has been available in the beta version and includes the ability to fly helicopters and kill enemies using heavy artillery including rocket and grenade launchers, homing missiles and more.

The new update also brings some new Halloween themed stuff including the Survive Till Dawn: Zombies Mode. Also, the BRDM-2 has replaced the armoured UAZ and can be summoned using a flare gun outside the play zone. Along with that, the new update is said to bring in a bunch of performance and graphics improvements as well as bug fixes.

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