NBA 2K20 Gameplay Will Unlock Limited Edition Nike Sneakers That You Can Buy

NBA 2K20 Gameplay Will Unlock Limited Edition Nike Sneakers That You Can Buy

Did you ever imagine that your progress in a video game to allow you to unlock things in the real world? Well, if you did, great, gaming is cool. And if you didn’t, the future is here for you to enjoy. Nike and the developers of the video game NBA 2K20 are partnering for a first of its kind project that helps NBA 2K20 gamers unlock the ability to buy real-world limited-edition sneakers, based on how they fare in the game. Nike says 10 Gamers Edition sneakers will release through the NBA 2K20 game experience during the 2019-20 season, starting October 29. Of these, nine will be unlocked directly by the Nike MyPLAYER Nation milestones, while the tenth will be unlocked through a surprise Nike SNKRS cam execution. The NBA 2K20 game is available for the Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, Android devices, Apple iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad and Microsoft Windows.

So, how can you get your hands on one of these unlocked sneakers? You need to start off by setting up the Nike MyPlayer Nation mode, which is a new addition in the NBA 2K20 game this time around, by picking your favorite team and play online against other gamers. The NBA 2K20 game will mirror the actual schedule of the NBA 2019-20 season. Depending on how well you play and how quickly you progress to reach certain specified milestones, you will be able to unlock the ability to buy Nike's Gamer Exclusives (GE) sneakers.

The MyPLAYER Nation allows NBA 2K20 players to select their favourite team and play with a community of fans throughout the 2019-20 NBA regular season and playoffs. The game mode’s schedule will mirror the NBA schedule, and gamers will be able to unlock opportunities to purchase GEs throughout the season by reaching specified milestones. “To purchase a GE, a player must link their Nike and 2K accounts and install the SNKRS mobile app, for Android phones and the Apple iPhone. Furthermore, players can redeem virtual versions of GEs for use throughout the full NBA 2K20 experience,” says Nike, in an official statement.

The first Gamer Exclusive shoe launch will be the LEBRON 17, in the flooded purple colorway. This special edition colorway features the 2K logo and NBA 2K20’s WELCOME TO THE NEXT tagline over iconic Laker’s purple. To unlock this GE, Nike says players must upskill their MyPLAYER avatar to 98, eclipsing LeBron’s in-game rating of 97. After that, winning your next match-up in MyPLAYER Nation will trigger the unlock.

The one remaining GE out of the list of 10 is yet-to-be-unveiled. This Nike Signature Sneaker will drop during the course of the season. Nike will require users to access the SNKRS Cam feature in the app—for this, you will be required to locate and identify something in-game and then scan it with the SNKRS app to unlock the ability to buy this signature sneaker. We do not know when that will happen though, so be attentive once the season starts.

Nike has used the SNKRS Cam experience when it launched the Air Jordan 1 in the popular battle royale game Fortnite, earlier this summer.

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