NaMo App Update Introduces Digital, Onground Volunteering with New Events Section

NaMo App Update Introduces Digital, Onground Volunteering with New Events Section

NaMo app, the official smartphone app of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has unveiled a new update. As part of the update, the app has revamped its 'Volunteer' module, giving users more opportunity to access the achievements of PM Modi's government, as well as attend and view events directly through the app itself. The new volunteer module is divided into two parts — Digital and Onground, and allows users from all spheres to remain updated with policies, events and more.

In the Digital Volunteering section, users of the app can access "Your Voice", which now offers an interactive vertical scrolling layout for viewing tweets, videos and infographics of the government's latest achievements, milestones and public trends about policies. Further, in the Onground Volunteering section, users can access a new 'Events' tab that gives a detailed map view of all ongoing and upcoming events, including engaging icons to attract more attention of users. Those interested can use this platform to invite others to an event, post comments about it, learn more details and also share the event in public forum. Interestingly, those who do not use the NaMo app can also access a shared event, which will open on a normal webpage on a browser.

This section of the app further allows volunteers to create events of their own through the app, to host volunteer-driven discussions on government policies, etc. The app further includes a 'Live Stream' button, which can be used to view the live streams of all events that are being hosted at the moment. Users will also have the option of reporting any nefarious activity spotted, wherein miscreants may create inappropriate events by misusing the platform.

Lastly, the updated version of the NaMo app also includes a 'Downloads' section within the Onground Volunteering tab, which users can access to view and download monthly, quarterly or half-yearly performance reports self-published by the government. The update is now live, and can be accessed by users by simply updating the NaMo app on their smartphones through the app store.