Motorola patent hints at razr 2 with touch sensors on the edges

Motorola patent hints at razr 2 with touch sensors on the edges

It’s been barely a few days since Motorola launched the foldable Razr smartphone, but we’ve already heard a few things about the second-generation Razr. A recently published patent by the Lenovo-owned Motorola shows a clamshell device with eight touch sensors on its sides.

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, the patent, which was filed in May 2018 and approved in November 2020, hints at a foldable phone with four sensors on the right side and four sensors on the left side. The touch-sensitive sensors work just like Google Pixel’s Active Edge. These sensors could be used to trigger things like Google Assistant. This means that you could simply press the touch-sensitive button to open your favorite apps. According to the patent, the touch sensors enable 20 different functions and gestures.

The Motorola Razr wouldn’t be the first smartphone to include multiple touch sensors on the edge of the device. HTC and Google already offer smartphones with touch-sensitive sensors on the sides of the device, though the Razr’s touch sensors seem to be more advanced.

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The patent also shows an in-display fingerprint scanner that could be included in the Razr 2. Right now, the Razr has a physical fingerprint scanner placed on the device’s chin. That being said, the placement of an in-display fingerprint scanner seems to be an odd choice, considering it would be near impossible to use the fingerprint scanner when the device is closed.

For now, this is just a patent and nothing else. The patent filing doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see the second-generation Moto Razr with touch-sensitive buttons and an in-display fingerprint scanner. Also, you need to remember that Motorola recently launched the foldable Razr, so it is unlikely to see its successor before 2021.