Microsoft's Edge is Now Ready for Enterprise Evaluation, Here's Everything it Might Offer

Microsoft's Edge is Now Ready for Enterprise Evaluation, Here's Everything it Might Offer

Microsoft said last week, ahead of its Inspire partner show, that its current pre-release versions of the new Edge were ready for enterprise evaluation. However, there were no details given about any changes made to the available Edge channels.

Microsoft has finally announced about the new version of Edge. In a post attributed to Microsoft Edge team, the company cleared, “This week at the Microsoft Inspire 2019 conference, we shared an update on capabilities that we are investing in to make the next version of Microsoft Edge the best browser for enterprises and business customers of all sizes.”

It further wrote, “The Dev Channel now has enterprise features enabled by default, and is ready for evaluation and supported by detailed deployment and configuration documentation. We are offering full support for deployment in pilot and production environments through our commercial support channels.”

Built on Chromium, the next version of Microsoft Edge is ready for enterprise evaluation. While Microsoft had already released offline installers, policy files and more, its upcoming Edge browser’s features include the new Internet Explorer mode which enables a single browser for modern and legacy sites. With this feature, the enterprise users will be able to enjoy the security, performance, features and compatibility, without impacting access to legacy sites.

In addition, Microsoft also aims at achieving 100 percent compatibility with today’s IE 11-compatible websites, with full support for IE’s doc modes and ActiveX controls like Silverlight and Browser Helper Objects (BHOs). The new Edge will also support signing-in to the browser with an Azure Active Directory (AAD) corporate or school account instead of a Microsoft account (MSA).