Microsoft shutting down Mixer but what happens to streamers like Ninja

Microsoft shutting down Mixer but what happens to streamers like Ninja
Microsoft has not revealed why it is shutting down the platform. (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft has announced that it will be closing down its video game live streaming platform, Mixer, on July 22. It has partnered with Facebook Gaming to transfer all of Mixer’s partners and streamers.

To recall, Microsoft acquired Mixer back in 2016, within a year of the streaming platform’s launch which was formerly known as Beam. This was Microsoft’s attempt to enter the video game streaming market and compete with Amazon’s .

The company has not revealed the reason behind shutting down the platform. However, reports suggest that it might be due to the lack of audience and increasing competition from new players like .

After the shut down of Mixer, the website and the application will redirect users to Facebook Gaming. All of the Mixer partners will be given partnership status with Facebook’s streaming platform along with monetization capabilities. If a user had outstanding Ember balance or active subscriptions on Mixer, Microsoft will reimburse them with Xbox gift cards.

It is being said that Microsoft was building up the platform to support its xCloud game streaming service. Now, with the Facebook Gaming partnership, we might get to see interconnectivity between xCloud and Facebook Gaming instead of Mixer, thus enabling features like the one-click option to play the video game that you’re watching someone stream.

What happens to exclusive streamers?

Microsoft during the time, Mixer was live, signed on multiple streamers like Ninja to stream exclusively on the platform. These streamers after signing the deal were not allowed to stream on any other platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and more.

With the announcement of the service shutting down, all of their current streamers will be able to stream anywhere they want and will not be bound to a single service starting July 22.

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