Microsoft Has Added a Game Inside its Edge Browser: Here's How to Play

Microsoft Has Added a Game Inside its Edge Browser: Here's How to Play

Let's admit it, whenever you were offline or your internet connection was down, you tried your hand on making that T-Rex jump over cactus on your Google Chrome browser. Well, Microsoft, it seems, is determined to outflank Google in every way possible, and this time it has come up with a cute mini-game that lets you surf when you are offline in its Chromium-based Edge browser. You will see a link within Edge to play this surfing game or you can play it anytime by going to edge://surf inside the Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge Surf Game: What Is This All About?

It's a typical surf game where you have to zig-zag around obstacles. There are monsters in the form of Krakens that make you crash, while there are several ways to get speed boosts. Therefore, the goal remains the same - go as far as you can before running out of health and stay one step ahead of the Kraken. To keep you entertained, there are a few different game modes such as an objective-based time trial. Moreover, you can also use your mouse, keyboard, touch or even a gamepad to play this game.

Microsoft launched the surfing game for the first time in the Edge browser in November 2019, but it was part of the Easter Egg Hunt. It was also under previews for quite some time, however it is now available to all. All said and done, the game does provide users with an easy way to kill their time when, especially, when they need to reboot their modem or are when they are bored with their work-from-home routine.