iOS 13 preview: Ability to edit photos and videos will hit many apps

iOS 13 preview: Ability to edit photos and videos will hit many apps

The next iPhones will usher in iOS 13 for Apple users. Till then, we have been playing around with the Public Beta of the new version of Apple’s smartphone software. No, iOS 13 does not usher in a radical change as far as UI/UX is concerned, but there are some interesting features and some very productive ones. Here is what we think iPhone users should be excited about.

Apple iOS 13: Top Features Explained

Dark Mode

Dark mode has been there on Android for years and even some iOS apps offer this mode within their product. So Apple has understood that this is something users love and rolled it out to its base. Dark Mode is helpful in two ways — one, its easier on the eye and, two, it saves battery life a bit. Apple has implemented its dark mode across screens and apps seamlessly. You don’t see white patches pop up in places. But there are parts where the dark mode hides important fields, like the search box in messages and contacts. There could be some fixes needed before the final rollout.


I have never been a big Memoji fan, as at least for me there weren’t a lot of people to chat with on iMessage. Now, you can use Memojis on most chats from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger and that’s added a real fun element to conversations. No, you can’t share an animated Memoji outside of the Apple universe, but the snapshot of your Memoji is often more apt than any emoji you can find. I will certainly be using this feature a lot, as my friends and family have discovered.

Swipe typing

Another feature that Android has offered natively for long, Swipe typing has finally found favour with Apple. It works as it does on Android or third-party keyboards, but Apple’s version seems to be more accurate than anything I have used before. This is where Apple benefits by not cashing in on the first mover advantage always. It perfects features before rolling it out and given that it already does a neat job of spellcheck, the combined results are very good.

Photo/Video editing

This is where we come to the heavy lifting. With the new iOS version, Apple is going to amp up its native image editing capabilities. Yes, you could edit in the photos app before also, but now you can do everything a Snapseed would do. And it works pretty well, especially with the kind of stuff I like to do. With native editing taking away one layer in between clicking and sharing of photos, apps like Snapseed could be hit badly. The app now offers an exhaustive set of tweaks which will be great to play around with.

Where Apple takes it up by another notch is by offering the same set of features for videos editing too. This means everything from saturation to highlights and colour tone can be changed within the photos app itself.

Small tweaks all over

There are a lot of good features and tweaks peppered all over the OS that I have just started discovering. For instance, in iMessage you can now see links and photos that have been part of your conversations. The sharing menu on Safari is much improved. The volume animation is now different, though I am not sure it is better than before.