Huawei laptops return to Microsoft Store, but might not be for long

Huawei laptops return to Microsoft Store, but might not be for long

Microsoft recently removed all of Huawei’s laptops from its online store, following the US government’s order to crack down on the company. Now, the company has silently relisted all of the laptops back on its online store.

Microsoft also remains silent as to if it will continue to provide Huawei with its Windows licenses or not after the 90 days grace period offered by the US government lifts.

The return of all of Huawei’s laptops on the Microsoft online store was first spotted by the Twitter user WalkingCat. All of the laptops including the MateBook 13, MateBook, and MateBook X Pro are once again listed on the ecommerce platform. However, the MateBook X Pro remains listed as out of stock.

In a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesman stated that the company had been evaluating and will continue to respond to, the many business, technical and regulatory complexities stemming from the recent addition of Huawei ban. He also said that after the evaluation, the company is now resuming the sale of existing inventory of Huawei devices on its online store.

This statement though reassuring also puts a doubt in our mind if this is a temporary arrangement or if the sale of Huawei laptops will continue on the Microsoft Store. As the company executive specifically stated that it will resume the sale of all of Huawei’s existing inventory, which according to the company is compliant with current US regulations.

To recall, Huawei recently also postponed the launch of one of its new Windows-powered laptop, which it was going to showcase at the CES Asia show last week.