HMD Global working on an Android-powered Nokia feature phone: Report

HMD Global working on an Android-powered Nokia feature phone: Report

HMD Global is currently working on a Nokia branded feature phone powered by Android according to an image posted by 9to5Google. If this is true, this will become the first feature phone from the company to run Google’s Android operating system.

In the image posted by 9to5Google, the feature phone running a stripped down version of Android seems like the Nokia 220 without any branding. The device sports a four-directional d-pad, a T9 keyboard and other a small colour display.

We can also see how the home screen interface looks like. It includes a shortcut for the Google Assistant, below which we can see a quick access bar with shortcuts for Camera, Recents, Chrome and YouTube apps. The quick access bar also has a menu button, which will open up the app drawer.

As of now, Google doesn’t offer an Android version built for feature phones, however, it does offer a watered-down version of Android dubbed, Android Go. It is used in smartphones with low resources like 1GB of RAM, low powered processors and more.

Some reports are stating that this might not be an Android-based feature phone, instead, it might just be a heavily customised version of KaiOS. However, that’s highly unlikely considering that Google Chrome web browser isn’t available on KaiOS, due to it being a fork of Firefox OS.

As of now, we recommend that you take this news with a pinch of salt considering that the company hasn’t divulged any information about the device or even confirmed its existence.