Hike sticker chat app launched with 30000 stickers in over 40 indian languages

Hike sticker chat app launched with 30000 stickers in over 40 indian languages

Hike has launched a new Sticker Chat app that looks to offer users a sticker-centric chat experience. The new app has over 30,000 stickers available in over 40 Indian languages and dialects.

The Hike Sticker Chat provides users with various sticker suggestions by the help of machine learning technologies. The company expects to add over 100,000 stickers across different languages by the end of the year with an aim to cover a large variety of the country’s vocabulary.

Some key features of the app include Sticker Suggestions, Quick Reply, Moments, Swipe to Reply with an aim to reduce user’s dependency on the traditional keyboard.

“We’re really excited to launch Hike Sticker Chat, a new and an incredibly personalized way for young Indians to express themselves with their close friends. Stickers are at the centre of Hike Sticker Chat and are built with Machine Learning at its core. The app seamlessly tailors itself around each user’s tastes to make communication really simple and expressive by bringing you the right sticker at the right time,” Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO of Hike said in a press statement.

The Hike Sticker Chat is available for download across both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Earlier this month, Hike had launched a new range of stickers for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. The company had said that their personalised collection features a range of stickers which is likely to encourage the youth to go out and exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections.