How to send email as an attachment on gmail

How to send email as an attachment on gmail
Microsoft Outlook allows users to send email as an attachment but Gmail doesn’t.

If you have recently moved from Microsoft Outlook to Google’s Gmail one feature that you must be really missing is sending an email as an attachment to your friends or colleagues. Outlook provides a dedicated option to attach an email in a mail instead of regular documents like photos or a word file.

Gmail allows users to only attach files like photos, word, powerpoint, excel and other documents of various formats on an email. Although Google doesn’t have a dedicated option for attaching an email as a file on a mail, there’s still an indirect way to send an email attachment.

How to send email as an attachment on Gmail

First, open the email you want to send as an attachment.

Click on the ‘Printer’ icon that sits right above the Reply button on the top-right corner of the computer screen.

A pop-up box will appear.

Click on ‘Destination’ option, select ‘See more’ option

Then select ‘Save to Drive’ option.

Click on ‘Save’. It will save the email as a PDF under ‘My Drive’.

(This step can be repeated to save as many emails as you want)

Next, open a new ‘Compose’ window on Gmail

Select the ‘Insert Files’ using Drive icon.

Then, choose ‘My Drive’ from the menu on the left side on the screen, select your PDF.

Your email will appear as a link in the body of the email and is automatically shared with the recipient.

Send email as an attachment on Outlook

To send an email as an attachment on Outlook all you need to do is, open a New Email, click on Attach Item icon, select Outlook Item option, now choose the email message you want to attach, click on the OK option. This feature has been present in Outlook for a long time now.

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