Google Translate's Instant Camera Translation Gets Support for 60 New Languages

Google Translate's Instant Camera Translation Gets Support for 60 New Languages

Good news for users of Google Translate mobile app. The app’s instant camera translation feature got a massive upgrade, with support added for over 60 new languages, including prominent ones like Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The instant camera translation allows users to see the world in their preferred language by just pointing their camera lens at the foreign text. It’s especially helpful when people are travelling abroad as it works even when one is not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Also, previously users could only translate between English and other languages, but now they can translate into any of the 100+ languages supported on Google Translate.

So how does it work? Basically, in the new version of the Google Translate app, you can just select “Detect language” as the source language, and the app will automatically detect the language and translate. So, for example, if you’re travelling through South America, where both Portuguese and Spanish are spoken, and you encounter a sign. Translate app can now determine what language the sign is in, and then translate it for you into your language of choice.

Also, Google has used new technology, Neural Machine Translation (NMT), for the first time for instant camera translations. Google claims this produces more accurate and natural translations, reducing errors by 55-85% in certain language pairs.

Google’s Instant Camera update has started rolling out from 10 July. So, update the app now to check the latest features.