Google Stadia will not support Bluetooth headphones at launch

Google Stadia will not support Bluetooth headphones at launch

Google Stadia’s product director, Andrey Doronichev during a Reddit AMA stated that the Google Stadia controllers will not work with Bluetooth headsets at the time of launch. Users will be required to plug in a wired pair of headphones in the controller’s 3.5mm jack to get audio.

He also stated that consumers using a Pixel phone or Chrome to play Stadia games will be able to connect their Bluetooth headsets directly to the device and then use it in Stadia.

On Stadia’s official product page it is stated that the product does contain a Bluetooth Classic radio, however, no Bluetooth Classic functionality is enabled at the time, which might be implemented at a later date.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 also doesn’t allow users to connect a pair of wireless headsets or a Bluetooth speaker to it. You are always required to connect such accessories using a wire.

During the AMA, Doronichev also stated that Stadia will never offer users any free-to-play titles. Which is due to the company providing its users access to their gaming hardware completely free.

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To recall, Google Stadia is a cloud-based video game streaming service, which allow users to play video games on a range of device including smartphones, TVs, laptops and more.

The company has confirmed that it will be launching Stadia in 14 countries this November, which include the US, UK and Canada. The company is yet to divulge when it plans to launch the service in other countries like India.