Flipkart Ideas launched, will help consumers with their daily shopping needs

Flipkart Ideas launched, will help consumers with their daily shopping needs

Flipkart has launched a new section, dubbed Flipkart Ideas. Under this section, the company will be posting a curated selection of content, which will help improve its consumers shopping experience.

With the help of Flipkart Ideas, the company is aiming to help consumers discover new products and brands. The company states that the launch of this platform will play a crucial role in bringing the next 200 million consumers online. It will help them in narrowing down specific products suitable for their needs.

The company states that the current purchase journey is quite fragmented across platforms, ‘Flipkart Ideas’ is aiming to combine these and will provide consumers with a seamless commerce experience.

Flipkart Ideas will feature content from brands and influencers in formats like videos, GIFs, images, stories, quizzes and polls. The content will span 14 key interest areas, which include Fashion, health and fitness, gadgets, food and nutrition, home and living and more.

The company states that Flipkart Ideas will enable consumers to know more about products and brands thus ensuring a better brand recall.

“At Flipkart, the driving factor is to constantly improve our consumers’ shopping experience. Flipkart Ideas improves users’ lifestyle with credible, inspiring and useful content, which will educate and inspire them in the purchase journey. There are new set of consumers, the next 200 million shoppers, who have a variety of questions and seek to mimic their offline shopping experience, online. Flipkart Ideas is our effort to aid these consumers’ shopping journey; and we want to play our part in creating meaningful engagement while helping build familiarity with various brands and products.” said Anil Goteti, Senior Vice-President, Marketplace at Flipkart.