Dashboard realtime updates coronavirus confirmed deaths recovered cases india

Dashboard realtime updates coronavirus confirmed deaths recovered cases india
This dashboard uses GIS to show real-time updates of coronavirus cases

Coronavirus cases have seen a significant jump in India this week with some death cases also reported. People worldwide are constantly checking on news updates to know the status of the virus in their country. Several companies have created several dashboards that allow everyone globally to track the number of cases, deaths country-wise. All these dashboards are available online. Esri, a Geospatial software & SaaS company, has also created an interactive dashboard to monitor and map the impact of COVID-19 on a real-time basis.

This dashboard uses GIS (geographic information system) technology to provide real-time coronavirus updates. It shows cases confirmed worldwide which is currently at 343,421, total number of deaths and also the ones that have been recovered. Unlike a lot of other dashboards, this one shows cases confirmed country-wise as well.

Currently, the countries with most cases are China, Italy, the US, Spain, Germany, followed by Iran, France, South Korea, Switzerland, the UK and the rest. The dashboard is also being used by National Disaster Management. Click on this link to check the dashboard.

The Esri dashboard also shows graphical representation on the confirmed and daily increase of cases to provide people with a better idea of what’s happening around the globe and also in their own country. Esri has collaborated with WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY, 1point3acres,, BNO, state and national government health departments, and local media to update the information on the dashboard.

The dashboard also allows everyone to just click the country on the map and get details like confirmed cases, deaths, recovered, and existing cases of the region in just a single click.

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