Coronavirus: China Begins Remote Treatment of Viral Outbreak Through 5G Connectivity

Coronavirus: China Begins Remote Treatment of Viral Outbreak Through 5G Connectivity

In light of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak in China, two technology providers in the country have helped the West China Hospital help set up a remote diagnosis and treatment facility for Coronavirus affected patients, by using 5G network connectivity. In order to facilitate this, telecom equipment and services provider ZTE, along with the Sichuan branch of China Telecom, helped set up a 5G base station and coverage points, which in turn was then linked to the remote diagnosis and treatment system in the medical facilities.

According to a press note shared by ZTE, the company on January 26 "completed the rapid construction, optimisation, speed test, and commissioning of the 5G indoor distribution system at a core point of the remote diagnosis and treatment system. After the 5G network was commissioned, Sichuan Health commission, West China Hospital and Chengdu Public Health Clinic Center conducted remote video consultations."

The West China Hospital is working as the central node of the remote treatment terminal, which is accessing 27 hospitals that have accepted patients for treatment of the epidemic viral pneumonia infection. ZTE has stated that it is working further in order to build a remote diagnostic Coronavirus system which covers all of the Sichuan province, city and county, in a bid to speed up diagnosis and treatments based on the 5G network infrastructure.

China is presently in near-emergency mode as the death toll as well as the total number of patients affected by the virus continue to rise. Isolated cases have been reported in India as well, and talks regarding airlifting Indians stranded in Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus, back to safety have been reported. The situation, however, is most dire in mainland China, where the battle against the Coronavirus outbreak is at its peak.