Canon EOS R5 Full-Frame Mirrorless Confirmed for 2020 Launch: What We Know So Far

Canon EOS R5 Full-Frame Mirrorless Confirmed for 2020 Launch: What We Know So Far

Canon has confirmed the development of its next flagship-grade full frame mirrorless camera, according to a report by PetaPixel. Reportedly called Canon EOS R5, the camera is officially in development right now, and speculations suggest that it may launch some time in mid or late 2020. Confirmed information from Canon states that the EOS R5 will feature a newly designed CMOS sensor as well as a new image processor, which should theoretically offer a noticeable performance bump in the camera. The camera will be able to shoot up to 8K videos, come with in-body image stabilisation, and sport an impressive 20fps continuous shooting rate (with electronic shutter).

The confirmation comes in line with a leak that stated that a flagship-grade Canon camera is in works, which would bring a 45-megapixel full frame image sensor to the fray. The leak also affirmed the continuous shooting rates, which would reach 12fps on mechanical shutter. In terms of videography, the Canon EOS R5 should be able to shoot at 8K at 30fps, and alternately, 4K videos at 120fps. This would significantly improve the slow motion frame rates in oversampled video workflows, and put Canon squarely in a territory that is typically dominated by Sony.

Canon has further stated that its flagship camera will come with two memory card slots, which is typical in a flagship grade camera. In terms of its appearance, the Canon EOS R5 looks like a typical flagship grade mirrorless camera, following a staid design language. The handgrip looks fairly sizeable on the camera, while there is no integrated flash module in the camera. Given that it is a new generation product, the EOS R5 will also likely come with a nifty touchscreen to make AF selection and general usage easier.

While no word has been mentioned in terms of the price of the EOS R5, interested users can expect it to be well within the established flagship camera pricing range. Canon has also confirmed that it would launch seven new lenses in the RF-mount lens lineup, as well as two extenders for Canon's EOS R range of mirrorless cameras. The lens lineup, as indicated by PetaPixel, will likely be highlighted by a 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM lens, which would presumably be super pricey as well.