Apple iOS 12.4 update brings iPhone migration tool, security fix for Walkie-Talkie

Apple iOS 12.4 update brings iPhone migration tool, security fix for Walkie-Talkie

Apple has released the new iOS 12.4 stable update, which will likely be the final iOS 12 update, given iOS 13 is already in public beta now. Released two months after the last iOS 12.3.1 update, the new one introduces an iPhone migration feature that can be used to directly transfer data from an old iPhone to a new one.

Other than the iPhone migration tool, the iOS 12.4 update doesn’t add much, but focuses on bug fixes and security issues. It re-enables Walkie-Talkie functionality, and includes a security fix for the Walkie-Talkie app on Apple Watch as well. Apple had disabled the Walkie-Talkie feature on Apple Watches after a security issue, which allowed iPhone users to overhear conversations.

The changelog of the update mentions that it has enabled FaceTime video and audio calling for iPhone and iPad devices sold in Pakistan and also includes support for HomePod in Japan and Taiwan.

Security fix in the iOS 12.4 for FaceTime, Siri, and more

FaceTime: Apple notes that a remote attacker could cause arbitrary code execution in iPhones. It has fixed the memory corruption issue with improved input validation.

Found in Apps: Apple fixed the issue where a remote attacker would have been able to leak memory. It does not go into details, but mentions that the issue was addressed with improved checks.

Profiles: The previous build was vulnerable to malicious applications restricting access to websites. Apple fixed the validation issue that existed in the entitlement verification.

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Messages: Apple mentions that earlier a remote attacker may have caused an unexpected application termination. It fixed the denial of service issue with improved validation.

Siri: Apple fixed the vulnerability where a remote attacker could leak memory.

Webkit: Apple fixed a logic issue that existed in the handling of document loads, which could have lead to universal cross-site scripting, when processing maliciously crafted web content.

Wallet: The iOS 12.4 update fixes the issue where a user may inadvertently complete an in-app purchase while on the lock screen.

How to install iOS 12.4 update

In order to download and install the update, users need to go to the Settings > General > Software Update. You will see the update along with the changelog. It’s 395MB in size. Since the update is being rolled out, there are chances your device may not have received it yet. In this case, you can try again later.