Apple could launch new iPad Pro with 3D sensing camera in 2020

Apple could launch new iPad Pro with 3D sensing camera in 2020

Apple is said to launch the next-generation iPad Pro with 3D sensing cameras next year.  A new report by Korean website The Elec claims that LG will supply the time-of-flight (ToF) sensor that will be included in the updated version of iPad Pro in March 2020.

The unconfirmed report doesn’t reveal much about the camera specifications but it does reveal that the iPad Pro is getting a triple-camera setup, just like the iPhone 11 Pro. The publication believes that the South Korean major LG will supply a 3D ToF sensor for the new camera.

“ToF” stands for time of flight. The camera measures the time it takes for the light to travel and bounce off objects, using the delay to judge objects.  A ToF camera can be used to create depth maps for shallow depth of fields. A lot of high-end smartphones, including the Galaxy P30 Pro and Galaxy Note 10+ come with a 3D ToF sensor.

Another use case of a ToF sensor a mobile device is an augmented reality, which is the reason why Apple might be keen on to include the ToF camera on the iPad Pro. The Elec goes on to say that Apple plans to add a 3D ToF sensor on the 2020 iPhones as well.

The Cupertino company usually announces new iPad Pros in October. Last year, Apple launched the iPad Pro in two screen sizes, alongside the new MacBook Air. If Apple skips the October launch event that would mean the next iPad Pro may end up with a quad-camera setup (if we include a 3D ToF sensor) and A13X processor.

For now, however, take this report with a pinch of salt, as nothing is certain until unless the next iPad Pro is officially released.