Alexa, Call Everyone for Dinner: Amazon Echo Devices Can Now be an Intercom in Your Home

Alexa, Call Everyone for Dinner: Amazon Echo Devices Can Now be an Intercom in Your Home

Amazon is giving the Alexa smart assistant even more capabilities as part of the latest set of software updates for the Echo line of smart speakers and smart displays. Among the new updates is one feature that could be very relevant for homes that may have multiple Alexa speakers installed. The Drop In feature, which you may have already used, is now getting a wider scope than before. Instead of being able to connect with one other Echo speaker at a time as it did so far, you can now create groups of Echo speakers and then use the Drop In capabilities to intercom your message to the entire group—at the same time.

Calls for dinner. Heads up for a shopping trip. Popcorn is ready. All these messages can now be sent over the Alexa-enabled Echo speakers. “Customers can now use group Drop In to instantly connect all of their Echo devices into a group conversation. Simply say, “Alexa, drop in on all devices” to start an audio intercom call to have conversations like “what should we have for dinner?” or “does anyone want anything from grocery store?” says Amazon.

The Reminders feature has also received similar functionality, and you can now choose to either have a reminder notification on one Echo speaker or Echo smart display, or you can choose “All Devices”. You need to open the Alexa app on your phone, go to Settings -> Reminders and select “Announce on all devices”. No chance of missing a reminder now, is there? At this time, the Reminders feature is limited to the US users.

At this time, Amazon sells a variety of Echo smart speakers and smart displays in India. The Echo Dot (Rs 3,499), the Echo Input (Rs 3,999), the Echo (Rs 9,799), Echo Plus (Rs 9,999), Echo Show 5 (Rs 5,999), the Echo Show 8 (Rs 7,999), the Echo Show (Rs 16,999) and the Echo Studio (Rs 22,999) are on sale in India.