WWE RAW: Seth Rollins vs The Fiend in a Universal Championship match

WWE RAW: Seth Rollins vs The Fiend in a Universal Championship match

WWE Raw on Tuesday did not witness a face-off between Seth Rollins and the ‘Fiend’ feud after it made the move to SmackDown in the 2019 draft.

Rollins was instead pitted in a match against 205 Live man Humberto Carrillo in a solid little exhibition match. However, Wyatt was nowhere in the picture when the broadcast occurred.

However, as per Twitter user @CarlosToro360, the dark main event after the RAW episode witnessed WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins collide against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a Steel Cage match with the title on the line.

What was also interesting to note that the company used the same red lighting around the ring area as they did for the Wyatt vs. Rollins Hell In a Cell main event last month.

In yet another thrilling finish to the match, Rollins tried to escape through the cage door but was blocked by the Fiend.

Another attempt to climb over the top was also foiled by Wyatt.

Ultimately, a couple of superkicks and two stomps later, Rollins somehow managed to escape through the cage door.

But that was not where it ended as Wyatt was once again back on his feet as Rollins made his way to the ramp. The arena went dark again and when the lights came back on, The Fiend was at ringside with the Mandible Claw applied to The Architect.

The show ended with Wyatt’s laugh echoing around the arena.

WWE RAW also revealed that Wyatt is set to host the return of the Firefly Fun House on this weeks SmackDown episode. Wyatt will then take on Rollins in a Falls Count Anywhere match at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on October 31.