02/javed miandad

02/javed miandad
Javed Miandad on Tuesday took to social media to vent his ire after a comedian played a caricature of Miandad’s character. (Facebook/Miandad)

Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad on Tuesday took to social media to vent his ire towards a TV broadcast, which according to the 54-year-old was ‘disrespectful’ towards him.

Miandad slammed the hosts of a popular show based on the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) for disrespectful impersonation.

Referring to a GEO News’ coverage of the Pakistan Super League, where a comedian Mir Mohammad Ali, plays a caricature of Miandad’s character, the former Pakistani batting maestro said: “Those who have worked so much for the country should be treated with respect. A joke should be kept within the limit of a joke. It should be done in a decent manner.”

“I am being portrayed as a dummy and they are taking my name. If the direct attacks don’t stop then I will take legal recourse and fight till the end,” Miandad said in the video which was shared on Twitter and posted on his Youtube account.

“I have done so much for my country. I have always supported my country. The mimicry should be done in a decent manner, and my name should not be taken directly as it can promote a false image,” he added.

Miandad also threatened to take legal action against those broadcasting the show if it continued to make fun of him.

“I will take legal measures if the attacks persist,” he said.

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