ISL 2019-20 HIGHLIGHTS, Odisha FC vs Hyderabad FC: Odisha Outscore Hyderabad 3-2

ISL 2019-20 HIGHLIGHTS, Odisha FC vs Hyderabad FC: Odisha Outscore Hyderabad 3-2

Playing their home games away from Odisha has been a challenge for them this season and their head coach, Gombau touched on that at his pre-match press conference. "For us, it's been difficult because we are not playing in Odisha, which is our home ground. We need to be very thankful for the support of the Pune people. We are satisfied here also as we could not have our own ground ready to play these three games," he said.

The Spaniard further claimed that the visitors will be feeling more at home compared to his team, thanks to the experience of some of their players with the now-defunct FC Pune City. "For me, it is more an away game because we are playing against a team that last season, had this as their home ground. They are probably more used to playing here than us. I think this won't be an aspect that will decide the game. It is a game that we are playing in a very good field, which is now in a very good condition," said Gombau.

The away side do have more experience of playing in Pune, as many of the club's players under Brown's tutelage have experience of playing at the stadium. Speaking at the pre-match press conference, the Hyderabad boss said, "It feels very much like home. I don't want to do any disrespect to Hyderabad. We've tried everything we possibly can to settle into Hyderabad. That's our future. But to come back here to Pune, it has put a smile on a few players' faces," said Brown as he referenced back to the time he had in Pune with the now defunct, FC Pune City.

"I had three months here that were very successful. I really enjoyed playing at the stadium. So, this feels more familiar. But sometimes, familiarity breeds contempt. That won't be happening as far as we are concerned. It is going to be a difficult game," he added.