Becky lynch fined 10000 for swinging steel chair at referee

Becky lynch fined 10000 for swinging steel chair at referee

Becky Lynch has been fined $10,000 for inadvertently striking a referee during her RAW Women’s Championship Match against Sasha Banks.

Banks may have defeated Becky Lynch, but she did so via disqualification when Becky swung a steel chair at Sasha and ended up connecting with the ref instead. The errant strike ended the match.

WWE announced on Sunday night that Lynch was fined $10,000 for ‘inadvertently striking a referee’ during the match. WWE released a statement saying, “The Man had intended to deliver the chair strike to The Boss but ended up hitting the referee instead. After the referee went down, the title match descended into chaos, as the two rivals took their brawl to the concourse.”

Before The Man decided to wild out with the chair, the match had been a war of attrition befitting a rivalry that has raged for several weeks. After trading endless strikes, Becky was left in disbelief at Banks’ resistance, and Sasha screamed in frustration that Lynch refused to stay down.

The chair came into play thanks to an Eddie Guerrero homage by Banks that only netted her a two-count but ended with Lynch laying out the ref to net a disqualification.

Despite the match being over, Lynch and Banks brawled their way up the steps, through the concourse and back again. The Man racked up damage against The Boss with a Dis-arm-her through the railing of a staircase as well as some humiliation by dumping mustard down the challenger’s back during their trip through the concourse.

When the pair finally made it back to the ring, Lynch connected with several savage chair swings on Banks and threaded her arm through the chair for yet another Dis-arm-her before a crew of officials finally intervened and the match result was announced.