BJP Workers at Pro-CAA Rally in Mangaluru Threaten to 'Behead' Cong MLA, He Says Not Keen on Action

BJP Workers at Pro-CAA Rally in Mangaluru Threaten to 'Behead' Cong MLA, He Says Not Keen on Action

Bengaluru: Supporters of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) openly threatened a Congress MLA on Tuesday during a rally in favour of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Mangaluru.

Men dressed in saffron head-gears can be heard shouting slogans of “chopping up Muslims” amid praises for the saffron party. One of the protesters even threatens to 'behead' local Congress MLA UT Khader. They even threaten to break the hands and legs of the MLA.

The men are seen raising the slogans in Tulu language, a dialect mostly spoken in coastal Karnataka. A number of citizens on social media have questioned why no action was taken against these party workers at a time when the Karnataka Police could swiftly file a sedition case against a school in Bidar for putting up skit that was critical of the amended Citizenship Act.

When asked about the video, Khader, a former minister said BJP workers were mostly unaware of the realities of CAA and proposed implementation of the National Register of Citizens and he would not take any action against them.

He said there is a hidden agenda of the Sangh Parivar behind the CAA and NRC and these protesters are not aware of the same.

“I pity those shouting slogans against me. I can file a case and send them to jail. But I won't do that,” he said, adding it is not too difficult to send such miscreants to jail, but it only creates trouble for their families, who would have to bear the brunt.

"The protests won't stop with my head. If beheading me, makes you happy, I'll come where you call me. Take my head peacefully, but think about the people in your families. They won't have money to pay the lawyers to fight such cases,” he added.