June 27, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Boeing's Racism

June 27, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Boeing's Racism

The Boeing Aircraft Company and Lloyds of London have stated in a Washington court that since an average Indian earns only a dollar a day, his life is cheaper than an American’s. Consequently, any financial damages given to an Indian passenger, who died aboard Air India’s 147 flight 855, on January 1, 1978, should not be computed on Californian living standards. In making this racial and arbitrarily comparative observation on human life, the Boeing company has refrained from adding that the price of its aircraft do not differ when sold to poor or wealthy nations. Also the grief at the loss of a family member is the same universally, and cannot be weighed in dollars and cents. The multi-million dollar case on behalf of the 213 people who died off the Bombay coast has been intensifying gradually.

CRP Dismissals

About 441 Central Reserve Police personnel in Trivandrum were dismissed from service. The dismissal was ordered for their participation in the strike that began on June 21, said an official spokesman. Action against some more would be taken soon. However, they would be given time to explain their position, the spokesman said. The action against the CRP personnel came in the wake of the announcement by the Union home minister, H M Patel, that four battalions, including two stationed near Trivandrum, would be disbanded.

Karnataka Cong Plan

The general body of the newly formed Karnataka Congress party called upon its rank and file to safeguard political stability and economic development in the state. The chief minister, Devaraj Urs, was elected leader of the break-away majority of the Karnataka Congress Legislature Party. The economic resolution adopted by the general body noted that in Karnataka, economic development and political stability have been like two sides of the same coin.