July 8 1979 forty years ago

July 8 1979 forty years ago

Socialists meeting

Former Socialist Party members, now in the Janata Party, want to form a “lobby” within the Janata Party in order to mobilise opinion and build up pressure groups for the speedy implementation of the Janata Party policies. They would like to link up such an effort with other “like-minded” elements in the party. The was the trend of the speeches on the first day of “informal consultations” at the meeting of socialists convened by the Minister of Industry George Fernandes. Fernandes is former chairman of the erstwhile Socialist Party. A declaration is expected tomorrow, the concluding day of the meeting.

Questioning govt

A blistering attack on the Morarji Desai government is on the cards when Parliament reopens on Monday for the five-week monsoon session. Members of Parliament of various political parties are already assembling in the capital after a long summer recess and from their consultations it was clear that they will subject the government to severe criticism, particularly the government’s handling of the recent revolt in the Central Police Forces. Already at the meeting of the MPs Consultative Committee last week, the opposition members demanded resignation of the home minister, H M Patel, over the question of police unrest.

Earth is safe

The possibility of the debris of the Skylab falling in any part of India and causing damage to life or property is extremely low, an official statement issued in New Delhi said. However, the Centre has, as a measure of abundant precaution, asked the state government to keep the police and fire services on full alert during the time of the Skylab’s expected return to earth. The optimism that the debris will not cause any loss of life or property is based on the fact that during the last 10 years about 6,000 pieces of assorted junk have returned to earth from space without causing any loss of life or injury to human beings.